Why do we campaign?

When people come to us for help and advice, the root cause is often an unfair policy or practice. We know that these unfair activities will also affect many people who never come to see us. For the sake of our clients and the wider population, we campaign to highlight these problems and seek change.

Recent Campaigns

You can find out about the latest Citizens Advice campaigns Here.

In Wolverhampton we have researched :

Barriers to people registering to vote.
Reasons people need to use Food Banks.
The Impact of Universal Credit

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Energy price cap – What it means to you


Citizens Advice have called for a cap on energy prices as many people in the energy market pay high default tariffs.  


Please read our guide below on how an energy price cap can affect you


 You can also contact us for more advice – see our energy best deal below






Best Energy Deal


If you are struggling to pay your energy bills, we can provide 1 to 1 advice and assistance to help you understand your choices and make savings on energy. 


With the ENERGY BEST DEAL we will help you understand your current bill, what to do next and how to find the best deal.


Have a look at our leaflet and contact us to arrange an appointment.

Call us on 03444 111 444 or visit us at our  Snow Hill Offices




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You can help us raise the profile of unfair policies and practices by:

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